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2dog the og  // creative tunes

A few creative tunes to get my mojo flowing. Consider this your language warning. Probably really shows my age with a few old school gangsta rap in there + a whole lot of 1994 tunes (I consider that the best music year EVER). Oh it usually works best when played VERY LOUD & with my fave coffee in hand!

2dog creative tunes // chilax

This playlist has a few chillaxing tunes that I like to listen to when calming my forever active mind or when I need to really tune into my intuition (yes I really do this!). Must also be played LOUD – OF COURSE & accompanied by burning a shit load of locally Yarra Valley made amazing candles!

2dog creative tunes // calm ya farm

This playlist has yoga type music tunes that I like to listen to when I REALLY need to tone down the good ol anxiety and requires a little bit of sage or incense to really complete the vibe!